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Mouthpiece suited for natural trumpet with holes

Mouthpieces for natural trumpet are custom made to fit players’ preferences.

Mouthpieces for natural trumpet can be made with different cup depth and with flat or modern rim.

Flat rim is the historical rim, it maintains the tonal characteristics of the original instrument and the executive practice of the period.

Modern rim is a compromise to suit players who usually play the modern trumpet also. It gives the feeling of the modern mouthpiece but with features of the historical mouthpiece.

  • A: [FOR MOUTHPIECE WITH FLAT RIM] rim diameter, Ø from 18.50 mm to 16.50 mm in step of 0.25 mm.
  • B: cup depth
    • 1 (deep), for diapason “Principale”
    • 2 (medium), for diapason medium “Clarino”
    • 3 (medium-shallow), for diapason “Clarino”
    • 4 (shallow), for diapason alto “Clarino”
  • C: [FOR MOUTHPIECE WITH FLAT RIM] rim width 5.5 mm
  • D: throat Ø 4 mm. Ø 3.8 mm also available.
Mouthpiece suited for natural trumpet without holes
Mouthpiece Douverné

Model copied from Douverné method.

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